We are passionate about the sea. We see it every day, and we believe in the sea’s exceptional benefits for the skin.

The marine ingredients we cultivate to help reveal your natural beauty are all cultivated and harvested with a genuine respect for the sea.



Phytomer marine biodiversity

PHYTOMER’s activities are deeply rooted in Brittany.

80% of our active ingredients come from Brittany, a region on the western coast of France. The active ingredients are developed in close collaboration with a network of local partners that include growers, start-ups, and researchers who help us to ensure sustainable and responsible harvest practices. We source our ingredients in Brittany because of the region’s exceptional biodiversity. Brittany’s 2,700 km of coastline boasts a wide variety of geographical layouts and climates, which make it the European region with the greatest concentration of marine biodiversity.

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Saint-Malo, PHYTOMER's birthplace



Cultivating algae in Breton sea - Phytomer

At PHYTOMER, biodiversity is key.

The algae we use is cultivated in a protected open sea zone to both guarantee the quality of our ingredients and preserve marine resources. Such is the case for Weaving Algae, a brown algae that promotes moisture retention deep within the skin and prevents dehydration. From April to June, our Weaving Algae is cultivated on ropes and harvested by hand several kilometers off the coast of Saint-Malo.

Our respect for the sea comes through in all our activities.

The most fragile and endangered algae we use are cultivated in our laboratories so that we can optimize their beneficial cosmetic properties without extracting them from their natural environment, thus preserving marine biodiversity. Take Jania, a red algae that is exceptionally rich in calcium. We cultivate the algae in photobioreactors using a unique process our team of scientists has spent five years developing.

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The beneficial cosmetic properties of algae - Phytomer



Cultivating algae in laboratories - Phytomer

We cultivate the sea in our laboratories

PHYTOMER is one of the few cosmetic companies in the world to have mastered marine biotechnology, a process of cultivating marine phytoplanktons that yield unique, natural active ingredients like EPS* and marine sugars which both have exceptional cosmetic properties. Inspired by the pharmaceutical sector, this cutting-edge technology precludes the need to harvest from the open sea while taking full advantage of the immense potential of marine resources.

*EPS: Exopolysaccharides.

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EPS XMF – Pionnière XMF Perfection Youth Cream

PHYTOMER scientists were the first in the world to cultivate the sea in a laboratory in order to increase and enhance its restorative powers for the skin. Our scientists create sustainable, eco-friendly formulas and oversee every step of the production process, from the moment an active marine ingredient is discovered right up to manufacturing final product.

Antoine Gédouin, President of PHYTOMER



We limit our environmental impact

PHYTOMER uses production methods that reduce our impact on the environment wherever possible throughout the production stages including:

  • Sustainable active ingredient extraction, no solvents or chemicals
  • Renewable energy sources at the production facility
  • Filtering gardens that clean up production water



Phytomer - harvesting Jania Red algae

Renowned worldwide
for our quality standards

PHYTOMER follows a precise sustainability charter when harvesting algae in order to preserve and develop natural marine resources. We use rigorous standards to select harvesting zones within NATURA 2000 designated areas (uncontaminated waters that are regularly monitored).

In 2012, PHYTOMER was one of the first cosmetic companies to be recognized for its Good Manufacturing Practices which meet ISO22716 cosmetic standards. Stringent quality control is carried out at each stage of production to ensure impeccable quality and total traceability for our products.

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Phytomer – Certification Ecovadis Gold 2018

In 2019, PHYTOMER received the GOLD ECOVADIS certification. The independent certification label attests to our excellence in social and environmental policies. The GOLD ECOVADIS recognition level ranks PHYTOMER among the 5% highest rated companies in all sectors. We are particularly proud of this certification.

Harvesting algae in Breton sea


Corporate sponsorships

PHYTOMER is a proud partner


an organization that supports and uses art projects to help protect our oceans and coastlines.

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