White Lumination

White Lumination

Essential Minerals Brightening Mask

Radiance Mask

A luxurious cream-mask which restores youthful vitality and glow to your skin. For an incredibly even toned, radiant complexion. 


Contenance :

Clinical results


More luminous complexion: 90%
Clearer complexion: 86%
Evens the complexion: 81%
Reduces the appearance of blemishes: 86%

*Satisfaction test conducted in Asia, under dermatological control on 24 women, after daily application during 42 days.

Active ingredients

Sea Lily extract (marine flower): Evens the skin.
Dictyopteris (algae): Leaves the skin more radiant and translucent.
Vitamin C: Lights up the complexion.

Professional advice

“This product should be used once or twice a week to brighten your complexion as part of a Light Revelation beauty care program - or simply as an occasional alternative to your usual face mask."