PHYTOMER, The Pioneer in marine biotechnology

PHYTOMER is one of the only skincare companies in the world that has mastered marine biotechnologies, which is the use of marine micro-organisms to produce new, totally unprecedented, natural active ingredients.

This new high-tech biochemistry, derived from the medical and pharmeceutical industries, paves the way for increasingly effective and sensorial formulas with a reduced impact on the environment.

Backed by unique biotechnological know-how, PHYTOMER’s Advanced Research team has created a new generation of active ingredients: EPS, unique and inimitable natural sugars. They include XMF, which smooths wrinkles in 1 hour and the remarkable VMR, which has powerful retexturing properties for a perfect skin texture*

The power of innovation for visible and scientifically proven results.

* In vitro tests on the ingredients

Cutting-edge R&D Laboratory

At the heart of the PHYTOMER R&D laboratory, a dedicated team of scientists, experts in skin biology and cell culture, work on the next generation of active ingredients.

3 research units work hand in hand to develop ultra-sophisticated skincare products:

Scientific discoveries01

The fundamental research team is focused on identifying and studying new algae, plantes or marine micro-organisms with high skincare potential.

Proven efficacy02

The applied research team carries out in vitro tests on skin cells to validate the efficacy of the recently identified active ingredients.

Expert formulation03

Using the tested active ingredients as a basis, the formulation team creates modern formulas well-aligned with the expectations of skincare professionals and consumers.

Précécent Suivant

The Weaving Algae, the moisturizing wonder

Picking of the reproductive base

The scientists pick the base of the Alaria algae, being the most fertile part of the plant and containing the reproductive cells. This base, placed into seawater, instantly releases the algae spores.

In vitro growth in the lab

The seawater mix is placed in various culture mediums to purify it, whilst favoring the growth of the spores. The scientists place into the water a frame wrapped with thin strings onto which the young algae will attach themselves in order to continue to grow.

Rope cultivation in the sea

In October the young algae are placed back into the sea by wrapping the thin string around long ropes that are located in a PHYTOMER seaweed field near Saint Malo. They grow steadily to become adult algae.

Harvesting and drying

The harvesting starts in April and lasts two months. The fresh algae are immediately dehydrated in order to preserve all of their natural qualities.


The dehydrated algae are placed into purified water and release all of their active ingredients. After one and a half hours the water is filtered to obtain the moisturizing active ingredient called Weaving Algae.


The Weaving Algae is incorporated into PHYTOMER's moisturizing products because of its exceptional capacity to reinforce the skin's water reservoir. It "knitts" back together, fibre after fibre, the tissues of the reservoir to minimize dehydration.

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Collection of marine active ingredients

With an intense passion for innovation, PHYTOMER has always placed scientific research at the heart of its development. For the past 40 years its R&D team have conceived marine active ingredients for record-breaking performance.

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This incredible extract of seawater concentrate contains all the required trace elements for the balance and vitality of the body. It is protected by a manufacturing secret that has ensured PHYTOMER’s exclusivity worldwide for 40 years. Through its strong remineralizing properties it recharge the skin with energy.

Sea Absinthium

This pro-diet plant selected by PHYTOMER R&D targets sugars and puts fatty cells on a tight diet. A genuine chronobiological active ingredient, the Sea Absinthium hunts down the sugars at night to reduce their storage and helps with their elimination upon awakening.


This high-performance, sustainable and 100% natural marine sugar is produced in the PHYTOMER laboratory using biotechnology culture. With smoothing and densifying properties, it creates an invisible film on the skin surface to instantly beautify and visibly correct signs of aging. Once inside the skin, it densifies the skin matress for firmer skin. * Extra Marine Filler.


This high-tech and unique combination of molecules extracted from brown algae provides the incredible power of optimizing the workings of the skin stem cells. SEASTEM provides the skin with the tools to recreate cellular substance and densify the skin support tissue.

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